Uphill Travel or “Skinning” Protocol at Spirit Mountain

Skinning is CLOSED for the 23/24 season

Please check trail Map Kiosk for posting for Current Trails To Be used for ascent and Descent Routes.

Pass Required

      • Uphill users must have a current, valid Alpine or Nordic ski pass visible when using Spirit Mountain trails.

    Designated Trails

        • The trail map kiosk, located across from the Riverside Bar and Grill entrance at the Grand Avenue Chalet, will be updated with the designated trails.
        • On-mountain conditions might require a change in the designated trails for uphill and descent; uphill users must be alert to signs indicating the appropriate designated trails. This is especially true early and late in the season.

        • Uphill users must use only trails designated and signed for both uphill and downhill travel.

        • Uphill users may not ski down undesignated trails or terrain.

        • Entering closed terrain or undesignated trails is prohibited and will result in loss of privileges.


          • During the winter season, users may access Spirit Mountain trails during non-operating morning hours only and must be off the trails by 9:30 a.m. on days Spirit Mountain is open – Tuesdays through Sundays and holiday Mondays.

          • Users may access Spirit Mountain trails on Mondays – except holiday Mondays. Current operating hours are posted on the hours page here.

          • After Spirit Mountain has closed operations for the winter season, uphill users may access designated trails, which will be posted until it no longer is safe to use the terrain.


            • Uphill users must remain visible at all times, including in the dark: Using lights and wearing reflective clothing is recommended.

            • Uphill users must be aware that ski area machinery, including but not limited to groomers, snowmobiles and snowmaking equipment, may be in use; uphill users must maintain a 100-foot distance between themselves and any ski area machinery.

            • Uphill users must yield to ski area machinery and may not cross snowmaking lines.

            • Uphill users cannot carry children in backpacks.

            • Uphill users cannot be accompanied by dogs.

            • Uphill users must comply with all posted regulations.

            • Uphill users are considered skiers and must know their responsibility code, which is available on the Winter Safety page found here.


              • Uphill users accessing Spirit Mountain outside of operating hours do so at their own risk. Operational conditions can vary, with unanticipated closures, limited visibility and/or unfinished grooming activities.

              • No ski area services, including Ski Patrol, are available during non-operational hours.

            Accessing Trails

                • Users must access trails only from the bottom of the hill at the Grand Avenue Chalet.


                  • Uphill users should use the parking lot of the Grand Avenue Chalet, 8551 Grand Avenue, and follow signage from the parking lot to the designated trails.

                Spirit Mountain Practices:

                To support the goal of providing a safe experience for uphill users, Spirit Mountain will:

                    • Post physical signs indicating designated uphill trails and trails for the descent at the Grand Avenue Chalet.
                          • As noted below, during early season operations, designated trails likely will change frequently and regular postings will keep uphill users informed of the appropriate trails.

                      • Schedule snowmaking and grooming activities on designated trails in order to maximize their use for uphill users, to the extent possible.
                            • When it is safe to do so, offer different runs for uphill use/descent throughout the season, which will be posted according to this policy.

                        • Provide advance notice of changes to designated trails whenever possible.

                        • Post this protocol and any changes where it’s visible to uphill users.

                        • Conduct spot checks to ensure all users are adhering to this protocol.

                        • Continue to engage with uphill users on ways to improve the uphill experience.

                      Seasonal Considerations:

                      Early season weather conditions significantly affect Spirit Mountain’s ability to make snow and create a safe and enjoyable base for skiing; consequently, Spirit Mountain generally opens a limited number of runs in the early season while it continues to make snow for the other runs. These operational necessities could increase the likelihood of unsafe conditions for uphill users and/or limit the availability of terrain for uphill users.

                      Likewise, end-of-season conditions can change rapidly, making terrain unsafe for uphill users and their descent.

                      As indicated in Spirit Mountain Practices above, Spirit Mountain will post regular updates to the appropriate uphill and downhill trails to be used and also will post updates when the runs no longer are safe for use.