Fat Biking

Winter Lift-Served, Downhill Fat Tire Biking

Spirit Mountain introduced winter lift-served, downhill fat tire biking to our operations during the 2015/2016 winter season.  With great success and a heck of a lot of fun, we will continue lift-access fat biking during the winter season.   Thanks to the volunteers from COGGS and our Bike Park Crew for keeping the trails dialed-in all year long….enjoy! 

When:  Sundays – January 23  – February 6, 2022 and February 12(Frosted Fatty),with weather & trail condition permitting.  

What Trails: Mixed use Ski/Snowboard/Bike trails are Juggler Joe and Timber Cruiser.  Calculated Risk and sections of Monkey Business that are connected to the alpine trails are also in use each weekend.

Hours:  10am-4pm

Cost:  Regular lift ticket price a winter season pass.  


  • minimum tire width 3″ – during certain weather or trail conditions the tire width will greatly affect the ride or the trails.  On days with new snow or warmer temperatures, we recommend no less than a 3.5″ tire.
  • brakes for each wheel
  • helmet
  • a seat/seat post and overall bike inspection is required prior to allowing any bike on a chairlift.  Inspection performed by Spirit Mountain staff
  • must abide by the Mountain Bike Responsibility Code, Rules of the Trail and Trail Code = SAFETY INFORMATION

Trails Open: see snow report
Please Note: on our integrated ski slopes, skiers & snowboarders have the right of way…bikers must yield to skiers & snowboarders while on the slopes.

Trail Head & Parking:  All fat biking operations roll through our Grand Avenue Chalet.  This includes lift tickets, mandatory bike check, etc.  Grand Avenue Chalet is located at 8551 Grand Avenue, Duluth MN

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Frosted Fatty 2021 – February 21, 2021


Join Spirit Mountain in this third year of winter downhill fat bike racing at Spirit Mountain. The event will be slimmed down this year but you can expect the good times to continue!  Check out all of the information here.https://www.youtube.com/embed/DD7W8IsVpAU

Season Pass Pickup will take place at the Skyline Chalet from 12:00p-6:30p Wed-Fri 11/3-12/2 and 12/7-12/9. You can also pick up your pass 9:30a-4p Sat and Sun during operations. Please help expedite the process and save time in line by entering your data and signing required waivers online for yourself and your family; a description of how to do this was emailed to pass holders. We will be open again Sat/Sun 12/3-12/4 from 10a-5p. Regular season hours update will be All skier services will be located at the Skyline Chalet. Stay tuned for an update on regular season hours.