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Adventure Park Rates

Summer 2023 Rates

  • Coaster: single ride $17
  • Zip Ride: $10/single ride
  • Scenic Chairlift: $15/single ride
  • Jumping Pillow 30-minute session: $10
  • Jumping Pillow Tot-n-Me 30-minute session: $15
  • Putt Putt Golf: $5
  • 10-pack, includes token for one round of golf: $99 (can be used for coaster, zip ride, scenic chairlift, or jumping pillow)
  • Happy Hour Special: Ride as much as you can from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.: $19

Keeping It Safe

All riders must be able to sit upright on their own and hang on to handles.

Double ridership on the Timber Twister Alpine Coaster:

  • Is limited to an adult/supervising companion and a child only.
  • May include two adults only if one has a disability that prevents them from riding without another adult.
  • Requires one rider to be at least one head taller than the other.
  • Cannot exceed 375 pounds total weight

Riders may not bring bags, backpacks, cameras, water bottles or any other loose items on the Timber Twister Alpine Coaster or the Timber Flyer Zip Ride.

Riders may not wear backpacks on the Scenic Chairlift Ride.

All ticket sales are final, non-refundable and expire October 2023.  Please consider the weather before purchasing. Attractions can open and close at any time due to the weather and are weather dependent.