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First Time MTB

Tips to Getting Started

Is this your first time Downhill Mountain Biking at Spirit Mountain?
Here are a few recommendations.

  • Warm up and practice in the Skills Park and Pump Track
  • The All Weather Trail is your first trail
  • Once your feeling comfortable head over to Happy Camper and Candyland
  • Follow the signage at the top of the lift to access these trails.
  • First time chairlift rider instructions below

If this is your first time riding any sort of “downhill” trails, our suggestion is to first go for a lap or two in our Skills / Jump Park located above the bottom terminal of our Express Chairlift. You can access the Skills Park by going up the road to the right of the lift, looking uphill from the Grand Ave Chalet. There are trails with all levels of difficultly in the Skills Park.  Start easy and progress as you feel ready.  These trails have everything our top to bottom runs have…. berms, jumps, drops and more.  The Skills Park is a great way to get a feel for the DH trails before moving on to the lift. You should also spend some time on our Pump Track to continue to feel out how to ride berms and rollers.

The first top-to-bottom downhill mountain bike trail that you will want to experience is the All Weather Trail.  This green level trail is the most beginner friendly downhill trail on the hill.   Follow the signage from the top of the lift to access this trail.

Once you are feeling comfortable with the AWT you can head on over to  Happy Camper and Candyland.  These are our green circle trails and both have good rhythm and flow.  Candyland was designated as a IMBA flow model trail in 2013!

To access both of these trails, there are two optional trails.  The “easiest way down” is by following Sprung-A-Leek to the trail end directly across from Candyland and Happy Camper is to the right across Skyline Parkway.   If this is closed an alternate “easiest way down” will be signed and caution should be used.  The other option is Wrecking Ball,a black diamond run that has steep rocks and an optional drop… this is not the “easiest way down.”  Once you reach the “flat area” of Wrecking Ball, you will turn right toward the Adventure Park and you will bike through the Adventure Park parking lot toward the road.  Candyland will be on your left just before you reach the road and Happy Camper is directly across the road.

A suggestion after these two trails is to move to Smorgasbord.  Smorg is a blue square and does have jump that are rollable, steeper rock sections and a drop that has an attached steep ladder as a rideable option.

First-Time Chairlift Rider

You will be loading your own bike on our chairs and Spirit Mountain crew member will unload your bike at the top and either give it to you directly or station it for you to pick up and take down the ramp.  Take a moment to practice wheeling your bike onto it’s back wheel and rolling it forward, this will be the technique needed to load your bike.  If you are riding as a group, please ride the lift 2×2 on the chair directly behind your bike.  Please clear the unload deck area quickly and safely so other lift riders are not affected.

Observe all posted signage and follow the Bike Park Rules & Code… Enjoy Spirit!!