Snow Report

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Update Closed–Thanks for a Great Season
New Snow past 24 hrs
New Snow past 7 days
Surface Conditions
Additional Info

Read our MOUNTAIN MESSAGE for extended details on slope conditions, etc.

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Shuttle Not available at this time.

Lifts Running

All Closed

1 – Spirit Express High Speed Quad

2 – Gandy Lift

3 – Summit Lift (as needed)

4 – Double Jaw Lift (as needed)

5 – Beginner Area Conveyor

6 – F Tow (as needed)

Nordic   Closed

 Trail Report

Powder Monkey More Difficult (w/features) All Trails Closed
Bindle Stiff More Difficult
Downhill Musher Easiest
Scissor Bill More Difficult
Log Roller More Difficult
Four Pipe Easiest (w/features)
Double Jaw More Difficult
Timber Cruiser More Difficult
Summit Chute Most Difficult
Sky Hooker More Difficult
Gandy Dancer Most Difficult
Juggler Joe Easiest
Bear Claw More Difficult
Bull Whacker Most Difficult
Blue Ruin Most Difficult
Duck-Leg Shorty More Difficult
Cinder Snapper More Difficult
Flume More Difficult
Beginner Area Easiest/Bunny Hill

Freestyle Terrain 

Spirit Park Closed
Prog Park Closed

Visit our Terrain Park Page for a full listing of features!


*All devices used on the slopes must have a retention device.  This includes skis, snowboards, snow bikes, snow skates, etc.  We do not allow bikes with tires onto our slopes during times of winter operations with the exception of Spirit Mountain special events and on our Fat Bike Sundays.

**Surface conditions listed are at opening time and are subject to change due to weather, time of day, skier traffic and other factors. Always watch out for your fellow skiers and snowboarders along with other obstructions, both natural and man-made. Ice, thin spots, bare spots and variations on the snow surface can and will exist. Please check the Mountain Message for additional, detailed information on all happenings here at Spirit Mountain!

***All open lifts operate on an as-needed basis. The number of lifts listed as open is an estimate of the maximum number that will be open at any point throughout the day based on business levels. High winds at Spirit Mountain may cause temporary lift closure.

****Any partial closure of the slopes due to events or lessons on a given day will be noted next to the trail name or within our snow report page. In particular, On days when snowmaking and/or extra grooming efforts are needed, some trails may not be available right at opening time. If we have a lot of snow to push or additional grooming efforts are necessary for a fine-tuning of the snow surface, a staggered start may be necessary to ensure that the snow conditions on each trail are optimized for your enjoyment.

Always follow Your Responsibility Code when you are out on the slopes and SMARTSTYLE your activities on all freestyle terrain!

Remember, you are responsible for your possessions while you are visiting the ski area. Refrain from bringing any valuables or extra items into the chalets and utilize daily locker rentals to secure any items you must bring with you. If you leave your skis or snowboard in the outdoor racks, please bring your own lock or purchase a lock from our retail locations.

Please help us keep the slopes, grounds and facilities CLEAN.  Do NOT litter, clean up your own messes, bus your own tables, etc. etc.  Do YOUR PART and remind OTHERS to do THEIRS, too!