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Summer Savings

Sunday, 16 July at 7:15am -Sunday Funday is here and the weather is going to be fabulous!  If you have been waiting to #doduluth this is the day!  Adventure Park opens at 11am with Bike Park & Chairlift at 11am too.  


Saturday, 15 July at 6:45am - Today is going to be a perfect day to visit Duluth and espeically Spirit Mountain.  Adventure Park operates 10am-7pm with Bike Ops & Chairlift running 11am-7pm.  Make your plans to Unleash Your Adventure today.  

Summer Savings are HERE! We offer a variety of discounts on Adventure Park tickets and more.  Some offers require you to purchase in advance, but others are offered as walk up discounts.  Make sure to ask for the special by name in order to receive your savings.  Plus sign up for our email newsletter to stay in the know about all happenings at Spirit Mountain + exclusive discounts. 

All Day Adventure Park Wristband 

    • Unlimited rides on all open attractions.  Including and up to: coaster, zip line, mini-golf, jumping pillow, scenic chairlift ride, disc golf course (disc rental additional). Please note: the chairlift does not operate at all times in which the Adventure Park operates.  Visit our Hours of Operation page for details. 
    • $44
    • Save money by purchasing 48 hours in advance - Limited number of Discounted 4 Packs of Wristbands Available

Lift & Lunch (Or Dinner)

  • Join us at the Riverside Bar & Grill for our Lift + Lunch (or Dinner) Promo
  • Offered any day we are open at the Riverside and the Scenic Chairlift is operating HOURS
  • $20 per person; includes a $15 food & beverage credit as well as a chairlift ride
  • Food & Beverage credit must be used on same day as the Scenic Chairlift is ridden
  • This offer is only valid from our Grand Ave Chalet

Wednesday BOGOF Adventure Park Wristband Special

  • Join us on Wednesdays at the Adventure Park for a Buy One Get One FREE Wristband Special
  • Valid at the Adventure Park summer 2017 only
  • To receive your FREE Wristband you must make your purchase by 1pm
  • FREE Wristband is valid only on the Wednesday that coincides with the purchase of full-price Wristband
  • Not valid with any other offers or discounts

$6 After 6 - Adventure Park Single Rider Tickets

  • Join us on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 
  • 6pm to close at the Adventure Park
  • $6 single rider tickets 
  • These single rider tickets are valid for the day of purchase only  
  • Not valid with any other offers or discounts 

July in Duluth

Sunday, 9 July at 1pm:  Coaster is Rolling until 6pm here on Sunday Funday!  Additional Adventure Park attractions will open as conditions allow and things dry out....enjoy the afternoon...sun is out - fun it ON!

Sunday, 9 July at 11:45am:  Bike Park, Chairlift & Grand Avenue operations CLOSED for Sunday.  Due the storms this morning and continued rainfall, the bike trails are simply too wet to ride...bummer.  Our Adventure Park is currently on a weather hold until approximately 12:30pm and we anticipate resuming alpine coaster and other attractions once the weather system moves through the area.  Stay tuned for additional updates as all unfolds.  The afternoon actually looks pretty nice, so enjoy your day in Duluth!

Sunday, 9 July at 10am:  Due to the recent weather system that has moved through, the Bike Park & Chairlift will have a postponed opening of 1pm today.  Adventure Park will open as planned at 11am. 

Sunday, 9 July at 8am - Sunday Funday is upon us.  All operations are open today with Good Times on tap.  Looks like we might see some on again off again rain here today.  We will keep a close eye on the weather and may experience some weather holds at times today.  If operation schedules change; we will update accordingly.  


Saturday, 8 July at 7am - The crazy weather from yesterday has left the area, and we are all set for a fantastic weekend here at Spirit Mountain!  All operations are a GO! Our Adventure Park opens at 10am today with the Bike Park opening at 11am.  Check out the Bike Trails Report HERE for updates and details regarding operations today. 

Come on out and enjoy a gorgeous day at the hill.  Whether you're riding the coaster or zipline, taking a spin down the bike trails, trying your hand at some dynamite disc golf or enjoying any of our other's all good here at Spirit Mountain.   



Friday, 7 July at 1pm- Update: Our Adventure Park is back rolling until 7pm tonight!  Due to the heavy & substantial rainfall in the earlier storm system, our Bike Park, Chairlift & Grand Avenue operations are suspended for today. We anticipate resuming bike & lift ops on Saturday.   

Friday, 7 July at 11:45am -  Update: Storm has moved in and we're on a temporary weather hold for some of our attractions, this does look very minimal and very short-lived.  Stay tuned, and we'll see how all unfolds. 

Friday, 7 July at 7:30am - A gorgeous morning here in Duluth, and we've got an awesome Friday & weekend ahead!  Our Adventure Park rolls at 11a with the Bike Park, Scenic Chairlift & Grand Avenue operations all rolling at 12p.  The weather looks great for the entire weekend so hopes are you can make it up to enjoy a little "Summer, Duluth-style" with your family and/or crew!  Whether hiking, biking, coaster-ing, lift riding, camping or just having a bite or beverage...stop by and see us here on the hill.

The only blip here today are some cells out to our northwest which may bring some chances of a blow-thru storm/shower....looks very minimal and very short-lived, and we don't anticipate much in the form of operational impacts.  Stay tuned, and we'll see how all unfolds. 


Thursday, 6 July @ 7:30am - Adventure Park rolls today from 11am-7pm, and looks like the weather should bring us quite a bit of sunshine with temps pushing into the upper 70s / lower 80s by the afternoon.  Unfortunately, due to the heavy rains overnight/early-morning, the bike trails are simply too saturated to ride on Thursday; therefore our Bike Park, Chairlift and Grand Avenue Chalet operations will be suspended for Thursday.  Stay tuned, looks like the weather will cooperate nicely from this point and we anticipate ALL operations to be rolling for our Friday operations and all weekend, we are certainly stoked to see the projected sunshine & those awesomely-comfortable-summer-Northland temps which begin Friday and continue for the extended foreseeable future!  Enjoy your Thursday at the Adventure Park, and we will keep you informed as all unfolds!  Please scroll below for additional details and links... 

Mountain Bikers - though bummed to miss these two most recent lift-served downhill biking sessions, everyone simply needs to understand the following:  expect trail conditions to be very, very, very good this weekend!  Following these recent rains the past couple of mornings, we expect prime trail conditions once all dries out a bit more which is expected as Thursday and Friday unfold.  Many of you already know such a thing, but just a reminder that "hero" riding is likely to be here in Duluth this weekend....boooyaah! 


Wednesday, 5 July @ 8:45am -- The GOOD NEWS - it is WRISTBAND WEDNESDAY at the Adventure Park today.  Receive a Buy One Wristband Get One FREE if you are here by 1pm, it's that easy!  Adventure Park open today 11am-7pm.  The NOT-SO-GOOD-NEWS - we received nearly an INCH of rainfall with the early-morning thunderstorms which will force us to keep our bike trails closed today due to the wet trail conditions...we will also not operate the lift today nor our Grand Avenue Chalet operations.  The EVEN-BETTER-NEWS - it's going to be a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and temps pushing into the 80's which means BIG TIME FUN on the coaster, zipline, jumping pillow & mini-golf.  Make your plans now for a sweet Wednesday in Duluth!

We want to thank everyone for coming out to enjoy the 4th of July weekend with us.  Appreciate the many compliments, and so happy to have you share your adventures here in Duluth.  The weather was nearly perfect with loads of sunshine and those cooler-than-yours Northland temps (expect more of the same this coming weekend as well with lots of sunshine and temps in the 70s & 80s!), the bike trails were very nice with tacky conditions Saturday and great riding all weekend long, the disc golf course officially has 18 Holes (the first in Duluth, might we add!) and manicured quite nicely for many to enjoy, and never a dull moment at the Adventure Park for those awesome family-friendly, thrill-seeking adventurers of all ages to experience!

We are now into extended operations for our Adventure Park & Bike Park operating with extended hours! Click on the following for details and additional information:  HOURS  ADVENTURE PARK RATES  MOUNTAIN BIKING TRAIL REPORT 

Want to save some money at our Adventure Park?  Purchase 4 packs of Wristbands 48 hours in advance to $AVE.  There are a limited number of 4 packs available each day- so get yours today!  PURCHASE NOW

Calling all Mountain Bikers!  Don't forget to check out the Downhill & Enduro Events this weekend on Saturday.  The Smorgasbord Downhill and our Senduro-Enduro are ON....check HERE for all details and more info later this week.  Plus, our Women's Programs and Clinics are revving up....check out the details HERE and come learn from our certified PMBI coaches!

As many around the region are aware, the months of July & August are two of the most favorite of the year to visit Duluth.  Typically, our weather conditions are quite pleasant with much sunshine and those cooler temps provided by the Lake.  It appears we are entering into one of those sweet weather and temp patterns as we draw towards the end of this week and for the foreseeable future thereafter.  So, make your plans now to enjoy the Northland and all this wonderful weather that's coming our way!!

Stay tuned here to the mountain message for continual updates, discounts, weather conditions and much more!  We look forward to seeing you in Duluth and up here at Spirit Mountain!

The Holiday Is Coming

July 5, 2017 @ 8:45am -- It is WRISTBAND WEDNESDAY at the Adventure Park today.  Receive a Buy One Wristband Get One FREE if you are here by 1pm, it's that easy!  Adventure Park open today 11am-7pm.
The early morning hours sure came in with a bang here this morning with thunderstorms & an 1" of rain.  With this stated, due to saturated trails the Bike Park will not be in operation today along with the Scenic Charilift & Riverside Bar & Grill.  We will post updates regarding tomorrow's operations later this evening.  


Holiday Fun is Here!  The sun is shining, the skies are blue & the Adventure at Spirit Mountain is ready for you.  Adveture Park & Bike Park operating with extended hours! Join us this 4th of July for the fastest ride in town on our Alpine Coaster.  HOURS  ADVENTURE PARK RATES  MOUNTAIN BIKING TRAIL REPORT 

Sunday, July 2, 2017 @ 8:45am:  What a beautiful day it is here for Sunday Funday! The sun is shining and Good Times are on tap plus the weather looks just wonderful for the next several days.  The time is now to enjoy our Adventure Park & Bike Park.  With the July 4th holiday quickly approaching, we do have extended hours READ HERE!  Make it a great day...make it a Spirit Day!


Saturday, July 1, 2017 @ 7:30am:  Welcome Saturday & Welcome to Adventure!  All operations are a GO! for today.  Adventure Park, Bike Park, Scenic Chairlift Rides, Riverside Bar & Grill & Disc Golf.  Please note: The Bike Park will have a staggered opening of trails, meaning not all will open at 11am.  But as the day goes on, more trails will be added to the line up.  Plus, our Disc Golf course is now a full 18 holes! Come on out and enjoy our Lift + Lunch special at the Riverside Bar & Grill for $20 per person....ask your server/bartender for details.  Happy Saturday!


Update for Saturday July 1, 2017:  As of 10:30pm on Friday night, we are feeling confident on all operations being open for Saturday.  At this time, we do forsee the Bike Park, Scenic Chairlift, Riverside Bar & Grill as well as the Adventure Park will be open for Saturday.  We did see some rain late Friday afternoon, but thankfully it was short lived additionally the weather models are showing that the rain for tonight will stay away from us. Saturday looks like it will be a beautiful day! Stay tuned for additional updates.  


June 30, Friday at 7:30am:  Happy Friday to YOU! We are ready to get this weekend started and we are ready for this rain to move out!  It's been good for our flowers but not for our bike trails...we are ready for warm and sun!  With that is the run down for Friday operations.  Adventure Park will be open today 11am-7pm.  Bike Park, Chairlift & Riverside/Grand Ave Chalet will not be in operation today. Stya tuned regarding Biking and Saturday operations as we need to see how the weather unfolds today.  Time to get your Coaster ON!  


June 29, Thursday at 8am:  The GOOD NEWS - weather looks quite nice today and our Adventure Park (coaster, zipline, jumping pillow & mini-golf) will be rolling at 11am!  Our disc golf course is also open, and the course has received much love here over the past couple weeks AND arguably in the best playing condition,, if all holds together, we will have the final two holes in-play very soon to give us a full 18! The NOT-SO-GOOD NEWS - due to the over 1.5" of rain over the past 24 hours, our BIKE PARK, CHAIRLIFT & GRAND AVENUE CHALET operations will be closed for the Thursday session. The trails are simply too saturated to be open today, yet we are hopeful things dry-out as the weather improves throughout the day so we can roll on Friday and all weekend long!  Stay tuned for updates. The even BETTER NEWS - Thursday looks to be an awesome day with warming temps and quite a bit of sunshine as the day unfolds...come on out to enjoy a great day at the Adventure Park!


June 28, Wednesday - Due to inclement & potentially severe weather, all operations at Spirit Mountain will be suspended for Wednesday, June 28.  Our plan is to resume operations on Thursday, June 29th.  Visit hours page for details.


June 26, Monday - It is hard to belive that the 4th of July Holiday is quickly approaching and what better place to celebrate then with us here at Spirit Mountain.  Visit us during our extended hours and remember we are open 11am-6pm on Tuesday, July 4th! 

Want to save some money?  Purchase 4 packs fo wristbands 48 hours in advance to $AVE.  There are a limited number of 4 packs available - so get yours today!  PURCHASE NOW

Stay tuned here to the mountain message for continual updates, discounts, weather conditions and much more!  We look forward to seeing you in Duluth and up here at Spirit Mountain!

Make It a Spirit Day

** Please Note:  Sunday, June 25th - our Adventure Park is open, however, our Bike Park and chairlift operations have been suspended for the day due to saturated trails.  


June 25, 2017 - Sunday Funday is on! All Adventures kick off at 11am today.  Looks like it's going to be a nice day at our Bike & Adventure Park.  Most forecasts are showing a stray shower or two, but nothing significant that should impact our operations.  Don't delay...get here early today to Unleash Your Adventure! 


Ready for the Weekend:  The weekend is here and we are ready for YOU!  The weather forecast looks to be very nice with highs in the 60's and mostly sunny skies.  The Adventure Park is the perfect place for you and your family & friends to enjoy the amazing views & Good Times at Spirit Mountain.  Take a ride on the coaster, zip line & scenic chairlift then have lunch or a drink at the Riverside Bar & Grill.  Spirit Mountain is your one stop destination for great times here in Duluth. 

Take a ride...


Or a tour...


Visit us here at Spirit Mountain!



June 20, 2017 - When you make it a Spirit Mountain Day, you'll have Good Times, Every Time!  Regardless of whether you call Duluth home or you are visiting the area; we have something for everyone at Spirit Mountain!  

Coming Up This Week:  

Wednesday (6/21) & Thursday (6/22) = FREE Scenic Chairlift Rides from 4pm-8pm.  Visit our Instagram Page and click on the Peak Summer Hours pic for all details!  Please note: one round-trip scenic chairlift ride per person, per day; offer not valid for mountain biking.

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Summer Peak Hours - in effect beginning Wednesday, June 21st.  All hours can be found Here

Purchase in Advance & Save - 4 packs of wristbands are available at a discount by purchasing 48 hours in advance.  DETAILS HERE