Mountain Message

Sunday, 25 September at 6:45am

9am Sunday Update:  Unfortunately, our Bike Park and Chairlift Operations are suspended today due to saturated trails and inclement weather.  Don't forget to purchase our Mountain Bike Season Pass for 2017 by October 4 for the lowest rates available.  Our Adventure Park will operate 12noon to 6pm here on Sunday, and it does appear we shoud see some sunshine & temps into the mid-60s once this weather system passes through later this morning.  Enjoy your day in Diuluth!!

Sunday, 25 September at 6:45am.  We are waking up to a pretty wet Sunday here in Duluth.  At this time we are going to delay our start times today for the Adventure Park to 12pm.  It looks like we will see partly sunny skies this afternoon and chances for rain diminishes.  We will continue to evaluate the current conditions, weather forecasts and provide you with additional details as soon as we can.  In looking at the Bike Park, we need to wait and see how much more rain we get here this morning.  Once the sun comes up and the rain patterns move out, we can get a better idea of where we stand on Bike Trails & Chairlift Operations.  Please stay tuned as we will be posting updates as soon as we can.  Adventure Park plan is to operate 12pm-6pm today. 



Saturday, 24 September at 6:45am

1:00PM UPDATE:  Well, we started out dry here this morning, but we've been dealing with some fog & mist here since around 10am.  Things are beginning to clear up a bit as the breeze off the lake continues to lessen, so looks like we should see mainly cloudy skies and dry for the remainder of our Saturday session.  The bike trails, chairlift, coaster and more will roll here until 6pm...come on up to the hill and enjoy the day!  Stay tuned for Sunday updates as we continue to monitor the weather projections for overnight & tomorrow.

Saturday, 24 September at 6:45am:  Happy Saturday!  It's dry in Duluth and forcasts shows temps in the mid 60's.  All operations are on for today from 11am-6pm.  Including Bike Park, Chairlift Rides, Coaster, Zip Line, Pillow, Mini-Golf and our Disc Golf Course.  Spirit Tip of the Day:  Arrive at the Adventure Park at opening to purchase your wristband, enjoy several rides on the coaster and then ride the chairlift down to the Riverside Bar & Grill for food & drink! 

Friday, 23 September at 9:30am

Friday, 9/23 at 9:30am:  We are pumped here for our Friday sessions!  It's a beautiful fall day here in Duluth with mostly sunny skies and temps hitting the low/mid 60s this afternoon.

The Bike Park will have ALL trails open & available here when the lift rolls at 3pm, and the even better news is our trail conditions are most excellent....slightly tacky and pretty prime!!  Check our BIKE TRAIL REPORT page for all details, and don't forget it is GET BENT night here on the hill with our partners at Continental Ski & Bike and Bent Paddle Brewing Company....tonight's race is on SMORG at 6pm!

Our Adventure Park fun begins at 3pm as well, and make sure to check our our Fall Friday Wristband Special for only $19...unlimited rides & laps on the coaster, zipline, chairlift and more!

Get outside and enjoy the day as it is going to be a good one....fingers crossed for Saturday & Sunday as we are all watching that weather very closely!


Thursday, 9/22 at 4:00pm:  Looking good for Friday!  We did have a little bit of rain overnight and light rain throughout much of the morning, but only around a 1/4" or so and all should be drying out nicely here as we roll towards our Friday operations.  There were some crazy rainfall totals here around the region, and we are quite thankful to receive a nice dusting which should make our mountain bike trails PRIME for the weekend!

We roll the chairlift, bike park and adventure park from 3pm-7pm on Friday....don't forget about GET BENT Downhill Series tomorrow night followed by music with Russ Sackett from 6:30pm-8:30pm!  Definitely some good times expected here on the hill for Friday.  Please stay tuned for detailed trail conditions and availability by mid-morning tomorrow.

There are some rain chances here Saturday and Sunday, but the projections are somewhat mixed....from what I am seeing at this very point in time, it appears we should be in pretty solid shape for Saturday....and then Sunday will be the questionable day depending on how much, when and if the precipitation rolls into the Northland.  The suggestion is hit us up Friday if you can, and hope like heck all holds together for Saturday....and, maybe, just maybe things change to get Sunday ops in as well.  Obviously, we all know too well how the weather can and does change....stay tuned and we will keep you informed as all unfolds.

See you this weekend....Do-Duluth!

Tuesday, 20 September at 3pm

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the hill this past weekend.  The weather came together quite nicely for both our Saturday & Sunday ops....temps in the 70s and sweet sunshine...great mountain bike trail conditions...always an amazing view from the scenic chairlift....solid disc golf action....fastest ride in town on the coaster....superb times at the campground....beautiful weddings & parties....and, some of the best eats and drinks served up down at our Grand Avenue Chalet.

The temps are cooling down this week, and a bit of a mixed mid-range forecast at this point.  Stay tuned and we'll keep you updated as the week unfolds here...but hopes are for GOOD TIMES to continue this weekend.

Don't forget that our SEASON PASS SALE is on thru October 4th....only 14 DAYS LEFT to SAVE BIG!  Fun Fact...did you know that your season pass pays for itself in 6 visits to the slopes this winter?  That's right, if you plan to hit the slopes 6 or more times this season...get that pass purchased within the next 14 Days!  Save $100 bucks off regular rates by purchasing NOW.

So, we are not quite done with our fall activities and many predict a very nice fall weather wise....but, winter is predicted to be a very good one as well with cold temps early (which means great snowmaking!) and quite a bit of natural SNOW throughout the season!  These are quite encouraging words for us outdoor enthusiasts, eh!!!

Do-Duluth....Good Times, Every Time!