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Holiday Weekend

Bring on the Good Times at Spirit Mountain with this Holiday Weekend!  We are 100% open plus 3 terrain parks.  Hours at the ski hill for Saturday - Monday are 9am-8pm.  Snow Tubing open Saturday & Sunday 11am-7pm and Monday11am-5pm.  

Fat Biking on Sunday too from 10am-4pm

LIVE MUSIC in the Moosehead Saturday & Sunday 3pm-6pm and Monday 7:30pm.  Brought to you by Bent Paddle and music by Russ Sackett


Update:  12:30pm, Thursday, 1/12/17:  Due to the incoming intense and dangerous chill factors, we will be closing the lifts & slopes at 6pm here on Thursday.  Our plan is to resume operations at 12pm Friday, and roll accordingly thereforth.  It is going to be an amazing weekend in Duluth here with the double-digit FRESH snow throughout the week and then a nice little warm-up into the 20s....just gotta get through the next 24 hours of brutal cold, then we'll be good to go!!

Update:  6am, Thursday, 1/12/17:  10"+ of NEW SNOW since Sunday!! We are in a bit of a 24 hour deep freeze, but once we get through this--the weekend is going to be epic!  

Update, 8:30am, Monday, January 9 || It is certainly looking quite winter-like here around these parts, and we're stoked to receive a solid 3" here last night with another 2"-4" possible here on Monday and several more inches are probable on Tuesday!!  All is shaping up nicely, and the snow surface conditions are pretty stellar here right now with some sweet machine groomed packed powder and all the freshies, too!

My feeling is these next few days will be what we call is called in the snow biz, CHOICE!  The temps will be nearly perfect with teens & 20's, and the fresh snow will be plentiful....if you can make it out, do so!  As we roll deeper into the week and the coming weekend, the snow will continue to be pretty amazing as the temps cool down a few degrees...nothing too crazy but colder again Thursday and Friday, then rebounding nicley for Saturday and beyond!

We're also stoked to have the hill stocked with the wonderful white stuff, and to be 100% OPEN with all slopes & parks!  There may be some areas and trails which will be unavailable from time to time this week for some snow "projects", but this will mainly revolve around our terrain park areas as we continue to shape, build and install.  We will have our big jumpline in shape by end of this week, and our plan is to start work on the half pipe here this week as well!  Expect Spirit Park to be in solid shape by the end of this week.  As stated on the Snow Report page, Spirit Park will be closed until 4pm here these next few days as the crew continues the park build process.

Thanks to everyone whom ventured out here over the weekend.  The races went off quite nicely, the park areas were styling nicely and our first Sunday Fat Bike sesh was certainly a good time for all riders (and, thanks again to Salsa for coming out to host the demo day!).  Whether you were skiing, snowboarding or fat biking...we appreciate the support and the many positive nice to see everyone enjoying the snow!

I take this time to once again THANK our many solid staff members.  Whether it be our snowmakers for getting the job done under another challening set of circumstances....our park crew making it happen with timely, efficient efforts.....our maintenance team continuing to keep all in proper functioning order....or, our operations team making sure YOU, our guests, are enjoying the day to the fullest....well done to the entire Spirit Team, and keep up the good work!

We have a variety of upcoming events that you will definitely want to be part of, so please click Calendar of Events for more details.

This weekend brings us our Ski Hut Spirit Sesh which will be a park jam up in the Tow Park area from 3pm-5pm on Saturday.  We have some sweet SWAG items from Ski Hut, and a few from Spirit as well.  $10 entry gets you in the Sesh for the Good Times, and enters you into the raffle for some special giveaways.  All proceeds from the Sesh goes back to the The Parks Fund here at Spirit.

Saturday night is also our Loose in the Moose session, so make sure to slide up to the Moosehead Bar & Grill for some live music, tasty eats, amazing drinks and good vibrations!  Every Saturday night is a good time, but this Saturday with Ski Hut makes it a GREAT TIME!

With the holiday weekend, we have some extended hours on the slopes and tube hill as well.  HERE

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Check out our NEW! ski program for pre-school aged children too - Our Moms, Pops & Tots gets your little ones on the snow with a few hours.  DETAILS HERE

Details on Fat Bike Operations: can be found here...see ya next Sunday

Winter is definitely here in Duluth, folks....hope to see you on the hill very soon! 

Think Snow, Think Fun, Think Spirit


Update, 2pm, Thursday, January 5 - 100%!!!!

These past 48 hours have been pretty cold and pretty intense with the chill factors.  It's always a challenging decision to suspend operations, but when we are in those consistent -20 to -40 chlll factors, we simply must be safety first for our guests and staff.  We appreciate the understanding and the continued support.

The GOOD NEWS is that we are going to start seeing some temperature bumps and lessening chill factors starting Friday.  It's still going to be quite cold Friday and Saturday, but not nearly as gnarly as these past couple of days.  Please dress accordingly and stay safe.  We will delay our start time on Friday due to the morning chill factors, and therefore operations will resume at 12noon and roll until 8pm.  For those coming out for the WORLD'S LARGEST LESSON, please plan to arrive at the Skyline Chalet between 11am-11:30am so you can get through the rental process and be ready to roll for the 12pm Event!!

Please note that our snow-tubing hill will NOT be open on Friday, but will resume regular hours for Saturday (11a-7p) and Sunday (11a-6p).

The even BETTER NEWS is that we will be 100% open on Saturday!  All slopes & parks will be rolling when we roll the lifts at 9am Saturday.  The snowmakers have taken full advantage of the recent COLD, and our mountain crew will have all prepared & ready for all to enjoy.  It's always a superb feeling to know that all trails are stocked, and just want to pass along a HUGE thank you to the crew for making it's never easy and always challenging, and this year was certainly no different....well done, snowmakers!

Along with the other remaining slopes, Spirit Park will be making it's inaugural debut on Saturday!  Expect a pretty sweet medium jumpline over on rider's left of the park, and then we'll have a few other things to play on as well.  The Park will get some more love next week when the big jump line comes into the mix and we start setting other featues & elements all throughout.  Yes, you are welcome!

The Tow Park will be back rolling as well, and then we've added a new Progression Park feel over on Powder Monkey.  You will also notice a nice little set over on Four Pipe near the "bonk rock" as many affectionately refer to it.  The Park Crew has been busy, and pretty sure most will be stoked to enjoy the sets this weekend....and much more on tap as we move along!!

We will host our first Fat Bike Sunday this coming weekend, and who better to help us kick off the season than Salsa!!  The crew has been out packing and shaping, and we anticipate having either 2 or 3 of our bike trails (Happy and/or Candy and Calculated Risk) as well as the integrated slopes of Timber Cruiser & Juggler Joe.  Please note that skiers & riders have the right-of-way on the ski slopes, and bikers must yield accordingly.  More updates soon on Fat Bike Operations: but we are stoked to put bikes on lifts here on Sunday, January 8th!!

Check out our NEW! ski program for pre-school aged children too - Our Moms, Pops & Tots gets your little ones on the snow with a few hours.  DETAILS HERE

Don't forget; we offer a variety of Ticket Speicals - DETAILS HERE

Winter is definitely here in Duluth, folks....hope to see you on the hill very soon!  Please note that on Saturday & Sunday, Gandy & Blue Ruin will be closed for racing from 8:30am-3:30pm daily.  They will reopen to the public once the races have finished. 

Think Snow, Think Fun, Think Spirit

Welcome 2017

Update: 9:00pm, Wednesday, January 4

Due to the extreme cold and dangerous chill factors, the slopes & lifts will be closed on Thursday, 1/5/17.  Plans will be to resume operations on Friday, 1/6/17...stay tuned for details.  The good news is that we will see some up-ticks in the temps and relief from the winds as we roll into the weekend plus we will have 100% of our terrain open!  Stay safe....


Previous Post:

We WELCOME 2017 and what a finish to 2016 we had at Spirit Mountain.  A sincere thank you to everyone that joined us over the Holiday period, and certainly appreciate your patronage, support and the many compliments over the past week.  Our staff was very excited to have you enjoy our many offerings, and I wish to shout out a HUGE thank you to all staff members for the quality efforts!!  

Now, what's on the agenda next...

First, we have our first significant winter weather event going down here Monday/Tuesday...most predictions show anywhere from 3"-6"-12" could fall here in the northland, and we are stoked for it!  As the saying goes around here; LET IT SNOW!

Following the snowfall, we have a serious system of cold air that is settling in.  This arctic air should provide us with our final stretch of snowmaking to get our couple of remaining trails open as well as get our parks stocked accordingly for the builds!  Some trails and areas may be off-limits here this week as we finish up the snowmaking efforts, but there will be plenty of terrain available, and, we anticipate having 100% of our terrain open by the weekend.

As for The Parks of Spirit:

The NEW Tow Park & High Speed Rope has certainly been a welcome addition to the hill.  We appreciate the many kudos & compliments here with the initial set up AND we are so psyched for the many things to come with the Tow Park.  We also appreciate your patience as we continue fine-tuning the rope tow, and please make sure to give yourself some space on that rope!  We will be making some more snow in the tow park area here this week, but plans are to roll it as follows:  Monday - Thursday 2pm-8pm, Friday at 12pm-8pm, Saturday  9am-8pm and Sunday 9am-6pm...times may change based on maintenance and demand, but this is our plan in moving forth.

Our plan is to do a reset on Powder Monkey here this week with some more progressive features and elements.  This will be a great line for all to enjoy and hone their freestyle skills accordingly.  Let us know what you think!

Spirit Park will start taking shape this week, and our goal is to have the main park open by the weekend as well.  With this stated; please note that at times there will be certain trails and areas that are unavailable throughout the parks.  Our focus must be snowmaking at this point in time, but we will certainly be bringing all together as quickly as possible to give you some of the absolute best park experiences & options in the midwest! 

Fat Bike Operations:  our plan is to roll our fat bike operations on Sunday!  We will provide trail updates by mid-week but looks like we will be able to put bikes on lifts for Sunday, January, we have Salsa coming in for a Demo Day this Sunday as well!!

Don't forget; we offer a variety of Ticket Speicals - DETAILS HERE

Check out our NEW! ski program for pre-school aged children too - Our Moms, Pops & Tots gets your little ones on the snow with a few hours.  DETAILS HERE

Keep doing your snow dances! 

Think Snow, Think Fun, Think Spirit