Mountain Message

Daily Operations - GO!

December 14th @ 7:30am - Spirit Mountain will begin daily operations for skiing and snowboarding beginning on Friday, 12/16 from 12pm-8pm.  Saturday operating hours are 9am-8pm and Sunday 9am-6pm with both days featuring lift tickets at $35.  Once we reach Monday, 12/19--we move into our regularly scheduled operating hours and pricing.  Please visit our Hours Page for all details.  

Beginning Friday, both chalets will open with all amenities, food & beverage entities, rental services and snow sports activities.

We do anticipate over 50% of our terrain to be open by Friday, and plans are to operate at least 2 lifts plus our beginner conveyor.  We will update the Snow Report as we move closer to Friday, but thoughts at this point will be to have Powder Monkey, Skyhooker, Bindle Stiff, Sissor Bill, Four Pipe, Log Roller, Downhill Musher, and Prospector Beginner Area.  Double Jaw will open Saturday, and additonal terrain will continue to open as snowaking and grooming continue.

As far as terrain park activites, plans are to keep the sweet set up on Powder Monkey with a few tweaks.  We hope to have some additional features and elements in place on a few other locations throughout the slopes as well once we roll into next week.  Our original plan was for the NEW High Speed Rope Tow to roll this weekend, but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, the rope tow area will be delayed.  Thoughts at this point are to have the rope tow and tow park rolling by late next week.  A bit of a bummer, but we are stoked and you will be too, once all is ready and rolling!  Please stay tuned, and we'll bring all together accordingly in the very near future!

The cold temps have provided for great snowmaking opportunities, and we will keep cranking out the snow at any & all times possible to open additional skiable terrain as quickly as possible in the many days ahead.  When you do come across a snowmaker, please take the time to give them HUGE thank you for making it happen!

Thank you for your patronage to Spirit Mountain, and we're quite excited to get this 2016/17 Season in full swing!

Happy Turns, and Think Snow!

Plus, natural snow is in the forecast starting a bit later on Friday....maybe 2"-4" by Saturday morning!!

Many Thanks!

Daily Operations to begin on Friday, 12/16 from 12pm-8pm.  Regular hours to commence from that point forward.  Details on Hours.  

Snow Tubing hill is not open at this time. 

December 12th - Many, many thanks to everyone that came out to enjoy Opening Weekend for the 2016/2017 season.  Good Times were had by all and the natural snow on Sunday was icing on the cake.  We certainly appreciate the many compliments, and very stoked that to get our first weekend of operations up and running.  I am sure there were more than a few kids that had hard getting up for school this morning, and probably some adults, too!  Currently, operations are suspended for the week.  Our plan is to re-open for daily operations beginning on Friday, December 16th beginning at 12pm.  However, we will provide confirmed hours of operation for Friday and beyond as we move through the week.  At this time, the snowmakers are going to take full advantage of the cold temps and make as much snow as possible....if all holds with the weather and our efforts, we anticipate opening a number of additional slopes by the coming weekend!  Let It SNOW, and thank your SNOWMAKERS!!

Season Pass Pick Up this week is at our main/upper chalet, Skyline, from 9am-4pm, Monday-Thursday. 

Have a good week and we'll see you back on the slopes soon! 


Opening Weekend

Welcome to the start of the 2016/2017 Winter Season!  We are excited to see you all on the slopes!  Open Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm.  We will then suspend operations during the week in  order to take advantage of what should be excellent snow making conditions.  Our plan at this point would be to open for daily operations beginning on December 16th, 2016.  Stay tuned as we move through the week for updates on operating hours, terrain, rope tow and more.

Few reminders:

Mountain Money is on now and makes the most excellent gift of Winter Fun.  Plus, check out our NEW! Packages.  Details & To Purchase

Holiday Camp-Join us for what we consider to be the best way to spend your Holiday Break.  Partnering with our friends at Team Duluth; our Holiday Camp runs from December 27 - December 30 from 9am- 3pm daily.  Participant ages 5-16 can choose from two different camps.   Details & To Register

Season Pass Pick-Up:  December 12th-15th at the MAIN CHALET from 9am-4pm.  

Thank you for your continued support of Spirit Mountain!  

PS - if you see a snow maker out and about...give him/her a high five!  They have worked their tails off.  



Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thursday at 12:30pm

Thanks to Mother Nature as well as our dedicated snowmakers, we will roll this weekend for some skiing & snowboarding!  Plans at this point are to operate from 9am-6pm both Saturday & Sunday.  All operations and amenities will be based out of our lower chalet down on Grand Avenue.  There will be NO lessons available this weekend, and there will NOT be any beginner terrain available....our hope is to add beginner terrain and lessons into the mix by next weekend.

We will continue snowmaking at any & all times we possibly can, and it appears we have some most excellent opportunities ahead for making snow.  It is difficult to state exactly how much terrain will be open for the coming weekend, but it will definitely be limited.  As for now, we anticipate having Powder Monkey, Bindle Stiff, Downhill Musher and hopefully Sissor Bill, Log Roller and lower Four Pipe at some point over the weekend.  We will have some park features and elements set up on a couple of areas for opening weekend.  Again, the terrain will be limited primarily to one or possibly two top-to-bottom runs serviced by our Express chairlift and we will have an Opening Weekend ticket special of $29 on both days this weekend.

The slopes will not be open Monday-Thursday next week, simply so we can focus on snowmaking.  Our plan woud be to resume operations by Friday, December 16th, and daily operations will commence thereafter.  If all holds as projected, we should see several more trails open by next weekend.

Like many of you, we are quite excited to get things rolling here for the winter has been a long and much anticipated wait, and we appreciate the continued support.

Keep doing those snow dances, and we will keep making that snow!

Season Pass Pickup

December 8 - 9:  9am-4pm daily at the Main Chalet.  

Opening Weekend:  Saturday, December 10th at Grand Ave Chalet 7:30am-5pm and Sunday, December 11th at Grand Ave Chalet 8:30am-5pm.  

Saturday & Sunday, December 10th & 11th at the Main Chalet 8:30am-4pm.  All locker key pick ups, purchases, etc must be completed at the Main Chalet. 

December 12-15:  9am-4pm daily at the Main Chalet.

Think Cold!  Think Snow!  Think Spirit!