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Happy Snow Days

Update - 12pm, Thursday, December 29:

We've received nearly 3" of new snow here over the past 36 hours, and we could potentially see another 2"-4" on Friday!  We have right at 80% of our slopes available, and could see several of the remaining trails & parks open by the weekend!  Conditions are quite nice, so come on out to enjoy a day of skiing and/or riding here on the slopes of Spirit....and, yes, the snow tubing hill is providing some serious GOOD TIMES as well!

We anticipate having our NEW! high speed rope tow back in operation later today following a needed repair.  Your patience is much appreciated as we work through a few issues on the new tow, and we'll do all possible to get it spinning again asap.  The tow park is dialed pretty nicely, and we're certainly stoked about the current set up as well as what it yet to come with this NEW! area at Spirit.  Stay tuned for updates.  Update at 2:45pm- Tow Rope will not open today.  Reopen on Friday at 9am. 

It's shaping up for an EPIC winter weekend here in Duluth...hopes are you can make it out to enjoy!

Let it Snow!


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Happy Snowdays at Spirit Mountain!  We welcome in our holiday week, 12/26 through 1/1 and it is exciting to see continued snow in the forecast.  Yes, we had a bit of a wonky weather event on Christmas night, but that system has moved on just in time to enjoy Holiday Week.  Much of the region received the ice, but fortunately the ice on the hill was fairly minimal and it was followed up with 2"-3" of snowfall over the past couple of, a bit more snow is in the forecast here as we go through the week!

Currently we have 16 of 22 trails open, snow making is continuing which in return will mean more open terrain as quickly as we can.  Ski hill operates 9am-8pm daily during this week and the Snow Tubing hill runs 11am-7pm.  Our Alpine Coaster is currently closed due to mechanical issues. 

Looking to learn the sports of skiing or snowboarding?  We offer a variety of lesson programs that include everything you need: a lift ticket, rental equipment and lessons.  Our Winter Kids program is a flagship program here at Spirit Mountain for kids ages 4-12.  For all details, visit us here.  

Don't forget, December 30th kicks off our first Loose in the Moose event brought to you by Bent Paddle.  Live Music from Russ Sackett in the Moosehead Saloon beginning at 3pm.  All ages welcome and its the perfect spot to rest your legs and relax.  Details, here.

Happy Turns and we look forward to seeing you on the slopes soon!

Spirit Mountain

Monday - 12/26

Monday - 12/26/16 at 6am:  Due to the recent ice event; we have adjusted our operational schedule to a 12pm start on Monday.  This time change is for the ski hill as well as our snow tubing facility.  We simply need a few extra hours here to get all back in order with the slopes and property before we roll.

You can expect a machine groomed surface for Monday and the even better news is that it's all SNOW in the forecast from this point forth!  We will offer a special all-day lift ticket rate of $39 on Monday.

Please take it easy on your travels to Spirit today....the crews have been out since the early hours here getting the roads back in shape, but it is most certainly quite slick in many areas around the slow down, and arrive safely!  Grab those goggles and maybe an extra layer as it's going to be a bit blustery here as the temps continue to fall throughout the day, but it is snowing & blowing here this, we're stoked to see some wonderful "white" flying around!

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, and we will see you on the HILL for what should be an awesome holiday week here in Duluth!!

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Thursday, December 22 at 4:30pm:

Well, a slight change in the weather here, and what a gorgeous day out on the slopes...tons of sunshine, temps near 40 and an awesome machine groomed packed powder snow surface!!  We also have a chance for a little natural snow here over the next 24 hours, so, you can certainly expect some great skiing & riding as we roll into the weekend!

Unfortunately, with this recent warming trend, it somewhat puts a little wrinkle in our snowmaking plans.  We've had to shut the system down here earlier these past couple of days due to the warm temps, and may not see any quality snowmaking opportunities until right after Christmas.  Looks like we could see several inches of natural snow with the winter event coming in on Christmas Day, and once we get to Monday, the sweet snowmaking temps are back upon us for most of the week ahead.

So we have a few changes in our plans and a few slight delays in opening additional terrain & lifts...

As planned, the TUBE HILL & ALPINE COASTER will OPEN on Friday with a 4pm-8pm session and roll again Saturday from 11am-3pm for our Christmas Eve session.  Along with the slopes, the tube hill and coaster are CLOSED on Christmas Day with all operations resuming on Monday and all of holiday week.  The tube chutes are in solid shape and should provide some super fun slides, and the coaster is always the fastest & arguably most fun ride in town....awesome family fun!!

Our NEW High Speed Rope Tow & Tow Park will make its inaugural debut on Saturday, Christmas Eve, at 9am!  Merry Christmas, Shredders!

As for the Gandy-side of the hill, we will be opening the Gandy Chairlift along with Bull Whacker, Blue Ruin and Gandy Dancer on Saturday morning and then throughout the holiday week.  Additional terrain will open as snowmaking resumes, and we also hope to have some features up in Spirit Park early next week as well....just got to make some more snow to continue the process of opening terrain & building features.  If the weather holds, we should be nearly 100% by mid next week!

All operational schedules, hours and details can be found HERE

Please make sure to thank YOUR snowmakers....these guys & gals have been hitting it hard here these past several weeks.  Still some work left to do, and we're ready to get it done as soon as those temps come back our way!  Also, a huge WELL DONE to the mountain ops & park crew...all is coming togethe nicely and just wait to see what's in store after this next round of snowmaking!!

Make sure you are dialed-in to our TEXT PROGRAM - to sign up, just text "SPIRIT" to 41411.  This is a great way to receive exclusive deals and discounts, and be kept up to date on all the happenings & inside information.  Do it TODAY!

Looking for that special gift for that special someone?  Look no further, and GIVE THE GIFT OF WINTER FUN with some Mountain Money to Spirit Mountain.  Mountain Money can be redeemed at any of our sales stations, including tickets, the retail shop and food & beverage locations.  Bring YOUR friends and family to Spirit Mountain with Mountain Money...this will be the one gift that everyone shall certainly appreciate!!

Happy Holidays!

Thank you for your continued support & patronage....we'll see you on the slopes....Think Snow!

19 December 2016

Monday, December 19 at 12:30pm:

It has been quite a stretch of COLD weather here in the region, and quite a transition we are entering as we'll be seeing nearly a 40 degree swing in temps today vs. yesterday!  We hit the -25 Sunday morning (closer to -40 with the wind chill factor) and projections are we hit the lower 20's here by this afternoon!!  This is good news to thaw out a bit, and the awesome news is that we have made a significant amount of snow over the past 10+ days.  Our snowmaking crews have been hitting it hard, and simply put, we have made A LOT of snow.  There are still some final snowmaking efforts on a few slopes, and then we'll keep blasting away in our terrain parks to get all fully stocked for the upcoming builds.

At this point in time, I would anticipate us having over 90% of our skiable terrain open by the coming weekend, and we should be very close to ALL parks & slopes by the Christmas Break!  Again, this is a solid testament to our skilled and dedicated snowmaking crews for battling through and kicking tail!

Mark your calendars, as the theme here revolves around Friday!

Our plan at this point is to have the Gandy-side of the hill rolling by Friday of this week.  This will open up several slopes, including:  Bull Wacker, Blue Ruin, Gandy Dancer, Bear Claw and hopefully Cinder Snapper as well.  Additional terrain is also expected to be available on the Express side as the days move forth, and it is certainly pretty awesome to see this much terrain begin to open so quickly in the snowmaking process.

The NEW high speed rope tow and tow park are slated to be rolling by Friday as well!  The finishing touches will go down on the tow this week, and the park crew will be building & installing features for our first set of the season....definitely will be exciting to see the laps commence on the Tow!  As for our other park areas, stay tuned for updates as we still need some quality rounds of snowmaking to get all in proper order for the park builds.

Friday will also be our debut day of the Snow Tubing Hill and Alpine Coaster for winter operations.  The tube hill & coaster will roll Friday 4pm-8pm with a specially-priced session...make sure you are dialed-in to our TEXT PROGRAM to receive the offer....text "SPIRIT" to 41411.

All operational schedules, hours and details can be found HERE

Looking for that special gift for that special someone...look no further, and GIVE THE GIFT OF WINTER FUN with some Mountain Money to Spirit Mountain.  Mountain Money can be redeemed at any of our sales stations, including tickets, the retail shop and food & beverage locations.  Bring YOUR friends and family to Spirit Mountain with Mountain Money...this will be the one gift that everyone shall certainly appreciate!!

From our family to yours, we wish everyone an awesome holiday season and thank you for the continued support & patronage!

See you on the Slopes of Duluth very soon!

Think Snow!!