Mountain Message

December 3rd @ 6:45pm

December 3rd @ 6:45pm - Bring on the cold weather!  We are very ready to see the forecasted cold temps arrive here in the Northland.  We did begin making snow on Friday, but due to temps in the 30's and high humidity, the snowmakers shut things down on Saturday.  We are simply waiting on the cold temps and once they arrive we will begin making snow in full force.  Our plans at this point are to have some early-season skiing & riding next weekend, December 10th & 11th, so please stay tuned for additional updates as all unfolds.  Think Cold!  Think Snow!  Think Spirit!

28 November 2016 10am

28 November at 10:00am ~ Well, waking up this morning feels more spring-like than anything.  40+ degrees at 6am on the 28th of November in Duluth, Minnesota, just does not seem quite right, eh?  But, this has somewhat been our pattern here in November 2016 and not too much we can do about the weather!

However, we are thankful for many things and feel fortunate on many's a few details:

1 - We were able to pump out just enough snow in bacially two overnights and one day to build a Snocross track as well as start the process of covering the slopes for the ski/ride season.

2 - Despite the crazy, foggy weather on Sunday, we pulled off Snocross with some amazing racing and good times for all to enjoy!  Thanks to the folks from ISOC, as well as all the Teams, Riders and Fans for the continued support of the Duluth National Snocross!!

3 - Our park crew scrounged enough snow for a little pre-season Happy Shredsgiving hike session yesterday down at our Grand Avenue Chalet...great to see so many come out to enjoy the set, and we're definitely stoked about what's in store for The Parks of Spirit this coming season!

4 - Though it appears the unseasonable weather is going to be around most of this week, as we roll into the weekend, it appears that snowmaking conditions return....AND, better yet, next week's forecast is shaping up to bring in a system of serious arctic air that should be sticking around for quite some time!

5 - If the weather does unfold as projected, we would anticipate a opening at some point around the 9th or 10th of December.  Obvioulsy, a lot has to happen and hold true between now and then to make this happen...but, that is somewhat where all stands

Monday, Nov. 28th = Deadline for our SNOW SAVERS!  Discounts on lift ticket, rentals and NEW! Learn to Ski and Snowboard Package.  INFO HERE.

Stay tuned, and we'll keep you informed as all unfolds.


Nov. 25th - Holiday Weekend Update

Sunday, 11/27/16 at 1:30pm - Unfortunately, we have had to cancel Day 3 of Snocross due to heavy fog and unsafe racing conditions.  It's certainly a bummer, but what an exciting two days of racing we were blessed with on Friday and Saturday!  Thanks to all that made it out to the 25th Anniversary of the Duluth National Snocross, and we look forward to seeing you again in 2017!  Our Happy Shredsgiving pre-season jam & hike sesh is going until 4pm TODAY down at our Grand Avenue Chalet...come see the sweet set the park crew pulled together as we await cold weather to return for more snowmaking.  It won't be long here until the slopes open up for the season....stay tuned and we'll keep you updated as all unfolds!!


Nov. 25th - Holiday Weekend Update:  and....we are racing in Duluth for the 25th Anniversary of AMSOIL Duluth National Snocross!  Not only do we have incredible snowmobile racing happening with some of the premiere riders in the world...the largest track in history of the event....and, amazing weather for ALL to come out & enjoy.....but, you also wnat to check out the rundown of a few other activities going down here at Spirit! 

Sunday, Nov. 27th = Happy Shredsgiving Pre-Season Rail Sesh at Grand Ave Chalet.  $5 entry fee, 12pm-4pm with registration beginnning at 11:30am.  Gotta have a helmet and liability release.  All proceeds from this sesh goes directly towards enhancements and features for The Parks of Spirit, and this sesh is for ALL ability levels & ages to enjoy....see ya Sunday!  Slide over to Instagram for a view of the "set" put forth by the crew.  INFO HERE. 

Monday, Nov. 28th = Deadline for our SNOW SAVERS!  Discounts on lift ticket, rentals and NEW! Learn to Ski and Snowboard Package.  INFO HERE.

Please keep thinking cold and thinking snow!!  We continue to wait patiently for the COLD to return.  The reality is we have had two good nights of snowmaking thus far this season sandwiched with one day of decent day-time efforts....any/all other snowmaking hours were quite marginal.  We are thankful for those opportunities and have a bit of a jumpstart on covering the slopes, but we simply need some cold air.  Our hope was to resume snowmaking here this weekend and/or early next week, but the forecasts look to be bumping things back a bit.  From what we see at this point, perhaps the could see the return of snowmaking conditions later this coming week with the REAL cold likely settling in for good by next weekend & beyond!  Obviously our goal is to get this party started for the 2016/17 winter season as quickly as possible, but we do need a little cooperation from the weather to make it happen.

Stay tuned, and we'll keep you informed as all unfolds.


Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Tuesday, November 22 at 12:30pm:  As stated yesterday, THANK YOU --  Mother Nature for the cold weather  --  our awesome SNOWMAKERS for their solid efforts, hard work and long hours this weekend  --  and to all of YOU for doing their cold weather / snow dances!  November may go down as one of the warmest on record here in Duluth, but we were cetainly thankful for the recent blast of COLD these past few days so we could start the snowmaking process.

We are happy to announce that Snocross 2016 is ON as scheduled for the Thanksgiving Weekend.  The folks from ISOC are officially on-site and final preparations are well underway with the event set up.  The 25th Year Anniversary of Snocross is a milestone here in Duluth, and we feel very fortunate to have received the opportunity to make enough snow here to pull it off!

Speaking of snow, the big question out there is when to we start the ski & snowboard season?  We definitely have a solid jump start and are anxious to continue making more snow to get the slopes open as quickly as possible.  The overnights of Saturday and Sunday were fairly solid snowmaking sessions.  The rest of the weekend was what one might call a bit on the "marginal" side.  Again, beggars cannot be choosers and we are simply thankful it got cold enough to make any sort of snow at this point.  We shut the snowmaking system down early this morning, and our hope is to resume snowmaking operations either over the weekend or early next week.  Looks like we could see another winter event here with natural snow coming in later tonight & Wednesday, but then a slight bump in temps to finish out the week through the weekend.  The better news is that once we move into the early part of next week, we should see some cold temps settle in and many quality snowmaking chances for many times to come!!

At this point in time, it is difficult to determine exactly when we will be turning lifts and sliding down the slopes, but with what I see in the forecast for next week....there may be a possibility of riding the first weekend of December...stay tuned, and we'll certainly keep you informed as all unfolds.

Snocross Tickets are will not want to the miss the 25th Anniversary event....going to be EPIC!

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Season Pass Pick Up will happen this week on Monday-Wednesday from 9am-4pm.  We will have no pick up times available November 24-27.  All pick up happens at the main chalet.  Remember, as a pass holder you do receive complimentary entrance to Snocross but you must have your season pass in order to enter.

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