Mountain Message

Labor Day Plans

Update for Sunday, 27 August: Good News! Rain is winding down and we plan for the Adventure Park to open at 11am.  However, the Bike Park will remain closed due to the heavy rain we received on Saturday and saturated trails. Additionally for Sunday, the Scenic Chairlift Ride and Grand Ave Chalet/Riverside Bar & Grill operations will remain suspended.  

Saturday, 26 August at 6:30am -Due to current and projected forecasts for today, rain 100%, we will suspend all operations today. Stay tuned for updated regarding Sunday operations and plans. 

Friday, 25 August 2017 at 10:30pm - Well, the weather is not looking too promising here for our Saturday ops.  We typically don't make operational decisions based entirely on forecasts, for as we all know, such has the tendency to change rapidly and what other job can you be wrong 50% of the time and still have a job, HAHA!  But seriously, looks like we have a system of serious, and potentially significant wet coming our way as we roll into the overnight hours and pretty much all day Saturday.  At this point, things are extremely doubtful we will operate the bike park, chairlift rides and Grand Avenue Chalet operations.  If all unfolds the way most forecast, we may have to suspend our Adventure Park operations as well.  Stay tuned for official "word" early tomorrow, and if you can push this rain away...please do so!

Lastly, a special shout out to a special lady on a special day....Happy B-Day, VJD!


Thursday, 24 August 2017 - Hey everyone!  This time of summer is amazing here in Duluth.  Days are pleasant and the evenings are beautiful!  The Adventure Park continues to provide so much fun for so many while they are gliding through the forest on the Timber Twister or flying through the trees on the Zip Line.  Round that off with some bounce time on the Jumping Pillow, a round of Mini Golf and finish with the amazing views on the Scenic Chairlift (Thursday-Sunday); this is the recipe for an amazing day! Find out all of the information here and hours here.

Our Bike Park is simply dialed! Thanks to the bike park crew's many and continual efforts throughout the season, and the moisture content at this point in time....we have what some may refer to as "hero dirt" on the hill.  The riding on Thursday was stellar, and we expect more of the same on for the rest of the weekend, so long as we don't get any ridiculous rainfalls or storms.....we're hopeful for awesome riding for the August finale!   

We know you're looking forward to Labor Day weekend and let's just say we have it planned out for you.  The Adventure Park and Bike Park are waiting for you to explore.  And leave the cooking to us and join us at the Riverside Bar & Grill.  See you soon. Good Times, Every Time!