Mountain Message


Happy Happy Snow Weekend to You! We have received 12" of new snow this week, we remain 100% open with 100% solid snow coverage!  With sun in the forecast - it's going to be SUN-FUN-SNOW!  Winter is still here and alive at Spirit Mountain!  March is the perfect time to learn to ski and snowboard...for any age!  Check out our Lesson Programs and learn the sports of a lifetime!

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Update - Friday, 17 March at 6:15am - It's ALL snow here on the HILL!  3" of NEW snow overnight and a few flakes are still falling as our good fortunes continue in March...this brings us to over a FOOT of SNOW this week!  Most models show a couple more hours of light snow chances this morning, then looks like all clears out to bring us a partly cloudy day....those additional precip chances this afternoon are looking less & less feeling is we may just get lucky enough for us to get by with ALL SNOW out of this event!  Obviously we will keep tabs on how all unfolds, and we'll do a little strategical grooming accordingly to provide the best skiing & riding possible here throughout the day.  As for the weekend, looks like lots of sunshine with highs in the mid/upper 30s on Saturday and then mid/upper 40s on Sunday!

Our snowtubing hill will operate this weekend on Saturday 11am-7pm and Sunday 11am-6pm.

Come on out and enjoy this St. Patrick's Day with safely out there and we'll be waiting for you!


Update - Thursday, 16 March @ 6:30am - Slopes & Parks are stocked!  100% open with a 2-4 foot base!  9" new snow this week! 
Our continued theme of "let the good times roll" is on again today...IF you are wondering how the "snow" season is going in Duluth, well let's just say that current conditions are amazing and arguably the best they have been all season long!  The NEW snow on Monday and these nearlhy perfect weather conditions of cold overnights & sun-filled days in the 30s = PRIME TIME to SKI & RIDE!  So, check out our social feeds for recent pics and videos, or better yet, come on up and hit's all good here at Spirit!

A few things here on many folks' minds:

1 - How long will our ski season go?  Answer, we simply are not entirely sure as that will somewhat depend upon how the weather unfolds.  Our plan at this point is to roll through the end of March as all looks very nice weather-wise and we are not only stocked throughout the slopes & parks, but surface conditions are very sweet!  We see this pattern continuing through this week, the weekend as well as next week & weekend as well.  There are even aome additional chances of a few more flakes between now and the end of the month.  So, we somewhat wait to see how all unfolds as we draw closer to April and perhaps there are some BONUS DAYS in store...stay tuned, but the suggestion here is GET OUT HERE NOW AND ENJOY THE SLOPES!

2 - Why buy a Season Pass?  Answer, plain and simple, season passes save you money and offer you serious value as well as convenience!

  • A season pass purchased by April 1, 2017 for the 2017/2018 Winter Season can pay for itself in as few as FOUR visits!  Yes, 4 visits.
  • Passes are currently on-sale at the lowest rates of the year, and if you purchase now, you can add-on the remaining days of this season for the price of a single lift ticket!
  • We are proud to offer some of the absolute best-valued passes in the entire region.
  • Our NEW student pass is one of those "you asked-we listened" sort of passes.
  • Our family pass remains an outstanding value, plus the lay-away option may be a perfect option for some.
  • We also have great perks for our passholders; including sweet hook-ups with Crested Butte Mountain Resort, Mount Bohemia and Big Snow Resorts!  We are quite thankful to have partners such as in which each provide deeply-discounted opportunities for you to experience some of the most awesome experiences here in the midwest region as well as out in Colorado!

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Update - Monday, 13 March @ 7am - Hello Monday and Hello NEW Snow---9" that is!  The big lake blessed us with some awesome lake effect snow overnight, and we could see a few more flakes here this morning!  Winter is most certainly still here, and in a BIG way.  Take it easy on your way in as crews continue to plow and dig-out, the snow is here and we'll have all ready for you when we roll at 10am.  You probably need a SNOW DAY, eh! 

The time is now to purchase season passes for the 2017/2018 winter season, OR if you are a year-round user skier-boarder-biker...check out our All-Time Any-Time passes that allow for unlimited mountain biking and winter use.  To save the most $$ you must purchase by April 1, 2017!  Check out the NEW! STUDENT PASS as well. Family payment plans are another great opportunity for savings.  Purchase now to break your monthly payments out for 6 months!  Plus, if you purchase now, add on the remainder of this season for the price of a single day lift ticket!  For all details visit HERE. 

Please check our SNOW REPORT page for additional slope & park updates.  Expect very nice conditions today and all week long as these freshies are a much welcomed sight for all snow enthusiasts around these parts!  We are stoked for the new snow, and the weather looks very nice this week with quite a bit of sunshine for much of the week and then a few more chances of snow flakes as we get towards the weekend.  Still MANY quality snow days left here in the season, so come on up and enjoy!

Thanks to everyone for coming out to enjoy SMASH, and a huge thanks to the Burton Snowboard crew for joining us.  It was a great weekend of riding, events and fun for all, and if you have not yet seen the pond skim video, well, slide over to our Instagram account or Facebook page...epic!  Mark your calendars for "2 MINUS 1" & "BrewSki" events coming up in a couple of weeks...another great event with good times, tasty eats, beer sampling, live music, stellar events & activities, discounted lodging deals and much more!  Details HERE...

The time is NOW to visit Duluth....come on out and enjoy!