Mountain Message

January 30, 2017

Monday, January 30th at 9:20am - The flurries are starting to fall here on the hill....snow is expected to increase throughout the day & evening with accumulations in teh 3"-6" or MORE range!  The slopes & parks have are groomed and readied, and should be a pretty solid snow day here in  Duluth, and will get even sweeter as the flakes fall.  It's going to be a busy week here on the hill as we continue with some installations in the Terrain Parks, final efforts toward the debut of the 2017 Half Pipe as well as continuing to provide a great snow surface on our groomers.  Stay tuned for all details and make sure you get those Snow Dances On!  Winter Is HERE!  


Sunday, January 29th at 6:30am - Thanks to all that hit the hill on Saturday.  It was a beautiful winter day with lots of sunshine and cooler temps.  Expect more of the same here on Sunday, plus, maybe we see a few flurries throughout the day then looks like some significant accumulations could be upon us as we roll into Monday.  The groomers have all as dialed as possible out on the slopes and in the parks this morning, so come on out and enjoy!  The lifts roll 9am-6pm today, plus fat biking operations are a go from 10am-4pm.  Unfortunately, our tube hill will not be in operation today due to maintenance matters...snowtubing will return next weekend.

Think Snow, and Do-Duluth!


Saturday, January 28th - Happy Weekend to You!  The snow is here and you should be too.  Winter is here at Spirit Mountain!  Sweet groomers, the Parks are dialed and we are your destination for skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing & fat biking. 

Chance of flurries all weekend plus snow in the forecast on Monday!  Come on out and join need a Spirit Day!

As for Sunday Fat Bike Operations, YES, things are a GO for 1/29/17!  The trail crew has been out prepping trails several days this week, and despite the funky weather last week which caused some snow loss, we have CandyLand and Happy Camper back in solid shape.  Plus, add in the integrated ski slopes of Timber Cruiser and Juggler Joe...expect some good times for the fat bikes tomorrow!  We start loading bikes at 10am...see you then!