Alpine Coaster

Those riding Timber Twister will race along a 3,200 foot track, through the forest, and down the mountain in individual coaster cars. Riders can travel alone or in pairs and have complete control of their speed (up to 26 mph) for a truly unique, hands-on experience. Unlike an alpine slide, the alpine coaster makes hairpin turns, is elevated off the ground like a roller coaster, and operates year-round due to its unique track system. With a few weather exceptions, riders will enjoy this one-of-a-kind sensation throughout the year. At the end of the ride down the mountain, guests will settle back in their cars for a comfortable and scenic return trip to the top. The complete Timber Twister experience will take riders on a thrilling six-minute journey while overlooking the wondrous views of Lake Superior. There are only four alpine coasters operating in the U.S. and this is the only one in the Midwest. This is truly a unique attraction, and is NOT an alpine slide!!!



 For Info Call: (218) 628-2891   or   (800) 642-6377


  •  Single Rider Tickets – $10
  • Double Rider Tickets – $15
  • NEW! $39 All-Day Wristband || Unlimited rides and access to attractions that are open at Adventure Park
  • SAVE Big: 4-packs for only $38!
  • SAVE Big: 10-packs for only $85!
  • Adventure Park tickets are accepted on either the Alpine Coaster, Zip Line & Scenic Chair Lift Rides.

Alpine Coaster Restrictions:

  • You must be at least 54″ tall to ride alone. Passengers must be over 38″ and at least 3 years old. Passengers must be accompanied by supervising companion 16 years of age or older.
  • When there are two riders on the sled, the taller person MUST be the driver, and is required to sit in the rear seat of the sled.
  • The maximum combined weight of the riders cannot exceed 375 lbs. in dry weather and 330 lbs. in wet weather.
  • You must have upper and lower body control and you must be able to sit upright with your head against the seat back.
  • If you have a heart condition, back or neck injuries, if you are pregnant or if you have any condition that prevents you from following all safety rules & guidelines, you must not ride the Alpine Coaster.
  • If you Have any doubt, no matter how slight, do not ride.
  • When riding the coaster, stay alert and pay attention for carts and hazards around you.
  • Footwear: Guests must have appropriate footwear for the activities they are participating in. Shoes are required on all of our of attractions including the scenic chairlift. Loose footwear is not recommended as it easily gets lost.
  • In winter months, the Alpine Coaster opens 1 hour after snow tubing.


View and purchase photos of you on the “Timber Twister” Alpine Coaster at:


Now Booking || End of School Year Field Trip-2016

  • $8 per student, 20 student minimum
  • Includes unlimited rides on Alpine Coaster & Zip Line and play of mini-golf
  • Dates available for booking are:  June 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9
  • Reservation is required and time slots book quickly!
  • Call or email Johanna at 218-624-8531 or